Why Should you use a Travel Agent?

Ask yourself…When planning a trip, how do you decide for all the online information and whom should you book with? Which  travel supplier is best for a particular destination? It can take hours of exploring, reading, and comparing prices in order for you to maximize your travel experience at minimum prices. Yet, even after all your vested time, did you get it right? Do you have a physical contact person that is there to assist you? Why not work together with an agent to fine-tune all your travel details? Why not just call an expert for guidance, which will ultimately save you time and money?

The ANSWER is simply YES!! At SKIES, it’s a win-win situation for you. SKIES has advantages for you that could never be obtained by booking online. We have sales representatives, hotel contacts, and liaisons that the public does not have access to. We know which suppliers are best for your dream vacation. Here at SKIES, we continue our travel education through annual training, as well as by attending seminars and supplier meetings. We take our education in travel very seriously. We keep on top of our game so that we can keep up with the dynamics of the ever-changing travel business. In today’s world of impersonal, cyber mass-information, it’s nice to know that there is a expert agency putting your interests first.

You owe it to yourself!

So, contact us—it’s always free of charge !!!

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